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Time Traveller 6
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Time Traveller 6

Time Traveller is a 6-level primary course for young learners of English.
With fun characters, engaging tasks, and a captivating on-going story,
the series is sure to delight pupils and lay strong foundations for a
positive relationship with learning English. It is perfect for general use
or preparation for the Cambridge English: YLE exams.

• Level 5 covers the CEFR Level: A2+

Print Components

• Student’s Book
• Workbook with Free literary reader section, Festivals section,
My Projects section and My Writing Corner section
• Teacher's Book with step-by-step lesson plans and many tips & ideas
for teachers to use in class. Includes both Student's Book & Workbook
• 2 Audio CDs
• Test Booklet that covers all units of the Student's Book

Digital components
• IWB software with animations for all the on-going story episodes,
audio for all exercises and songs
• Our Time Traveller online gamified learning environment:
a child-safe environment for all learners to play, learn and thrive
• E-books for both Student's Book & Workbook
• Online supplementary material (flashcards, certificates and posters)
  • Time Traveller 6 Student's Book

    ISBN: 978-618-85450-4-5
    Size: 21 x 29,5
    Weight 310 gr Pages: 140
    Price: 18.50€   14.80€
  • Time Traveller 6 Workbook

    ISBN: 978-618-85450-5-2
    Size: 21 x 29,5
    Weight 230 gr Pages: 96
    Price: 14.50€   11.60€
  • Time Traveller 6 Teacher's Book

    ISBN: 978-618-85450-6-9
    Size: 21 x 29,5
    Weight 420 gr Pages: 214
    Price: 25.00€   20.00€